A Letter from CEO, Baoli Ma (alias, Geng Le)


“Gay”—as I typed the word on my computer around 20 years ago, hiding alone in my bedroom, my path ahead was destined to be different.

From one to 40 million

I was laden with agonizing loneliness, helplessness, and fear of the future during my adolescence. I used to think that I was the only person in the world attracted to people of the same gender and that I was sick and needed treatment. That was why, when I found out on the internet that there were other people like me, and that homosexuality was not an illness or disorder, I felt a tremendous sense of relief and excitement. After all, I’m not alone in this world. After all, we are not sick. After all, love is gender blind.

To me, herein lies the power of the internet—it empowers us to elevate ourselves, and to bring warmth to others across all corners of the world living in loneliness, helplessness and fear because of their sexual orientation.

This was how I found my calling to leverage the power of the internet to serve the LGBTQ community. Starting from developing a personal website, I endured continuous and painstaking exploration, experimentation, changes and breakthroughs. When faced with adversity, I reminded myself not to give up, and that the path I chose requires me to be exceptionally strong in mind and willpower. Finally, my dream became a shared vision of our over 400 team members, ushering us to build a leading LGBTQ community in the world with over 40 million registered users spread across over 200 countries and regions around the globe.

We make the world a better place

We are more than just a social network or a live streaming platform. Social interaction, an innate human need, is our point of entry to serve the LGBTQ population. However, we do not stop there; we are excited to leverage this platform to establish connections among people, content and services. We offer our users a safe and secure oasis to satisfy their needs for social networking, information sharing, entertainment, health and wellness, and parenthood that have not been fully addressed by the general commercial environment of the wider society.

We provide our users with full-lifecycle services. We firmly believe that everyone is equally entitled to high-quality, tailored, friendly and discrimination-free commercial services.

We are also more than just a commercial enterprise. Our commercial operation is the gateway through which we engage with the world and a gentle force that propels social progress by eliminating discrimination. We aspire to tell the world our stories—this is an organization dedicated to the LGBTQ community built hand-in-hand by both heterosexual and LGBTQ members, with users across the world of different skin colors and ethnicities who live around us with the same love, sense of equality and yearning for a better life. They might be your colleagues, your friends or your family members.

When people recognize our existence, they recognize the existence of the LGBTQ population. When they witness our dedication and hard work, they will also embrace the positive, sanguine and uplifting community behind us.

We look forward to you standing by us

We embrace those who stand by us and help us grow and develop further. We believe we can make an important impact on the world, and together we will turn BlueCity into a beautiful rainbow over the sky.

Baoli Ma (alias, Geng Le)
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
BlueCity Holdings Limited

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